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Grids, channel and filters become heavily contaminated after some time, making the extraction will be less, and the supply of fresh air is insufficient. But this pollution is often not visible.

The result is that polluted air (moisture, dust particles, viruses and bacteria) remains longer present in a space. This can lead to shortness of breath, cough, headache, and also odor nuisance. Well visible pollution example, mold in the bathroom. In addition, a polluted system for increased resistance, so the power consumption will increase, and parts will wear out faster.

In order to prevent these adverse effects it is of great importance for periodic cleaning of gratings, valves and channels. Our employees do very skillfully and work clean and efficient. The activities do not result in dirt or dust nuisance as we put the whole system under pressure by means of our own exhaust unit arranged which is provided with clean filters. The dirty fabric pieces we will dispose of environmentally friendly after cleaning.


Recently we have carried out cleaning work in the Ikazia Hospital. This is a Protestant Christian Hospital in Rotterdam. Here we have to clean the suction channels of inter alia the operating room and the recovery room.




17 maart 2016

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