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An air handling unit acts as the lungs of your property. Weather influences, moisture, dust and overdue maintenance cause dirt accumulation in the AHU. This creates for example rust spots, but also polluted air through the channels blown in various areas. This polluted air is often the cause of headaches, loss of concentration, irritated eyes and dizziness. They also referred to as the "Sick Building Syndrome".

We provide a program in order to solve this problem. This program can be carried out either in its entirety or in part. Some components of this program are:

  • Cleaning and rust removal
  • Disinfect
  • Replacing insulation
  • Applying coatings to floors, walls and steel construction
  • Replacement of various components

After treatment, your system back in top condition and will do what it should do: Creating a good air circulation, which creates a healthy indoor climate.


The air-conditioning unit is on the roof of Nieuw Avondrust care facility in Barneveld. The cabinet is cleaned by us, inter alia, both internally and externally, rust and put a new coating. This not only looks beautiful, but also contributes to an air conditioning system which in turn works optimally and therefore lasts longer!




10 maart 2016

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