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Jakon Air invented bararium in 2008. This was n.a.v. the 2008 smoking ban. It bararium is not a ventilation system, but is based on the principle of over-pressure. The definition of Wikipedia is:

"A bararium is a non-smoking area behind the bar of a pub. This space, where the bar staff state, is largely separated from the rest of the bar by means of a glass plate which hangs vertically above the bar. The bar staff can be consumptions by sliding under the glass, and also checkout in this manner is not an issue.

Bararium is a contraction of the words bar and Aquarium. The bararium works on the principle of over-pressure. Two grills behind the bar let fresh air inside, creating behind the glass platen pressure. Thus is formed between the bar and the glass plate an "air curtain" that bore no smoke or odor, so the bar staff not working in the smoke.

The principle was established in 2008. With effect from 1 July of that year, smoking is prohibited in the Dutch hospitality industry in order to protect the catering staff to smoke. The bararium developed by the company Jakon Air, in consultation with café-restaurant "Frans op den Bult" in Twente Deurningen, halfway between Hengelo and Oldenzaal. This restaurant, operated by Irma Hellegers is mainly frequented by truck drivers, who are often heavy smokers. Here, the bararium was therefore the first to be taken into use.

Minister of Health Ab Klink has announced that it bararium not comply with the law. "

Despite the bararium law is not approved HINTS smoking in the hospitality industry, this does not mean that it is only a good idea in the past. There are, after all workplaces and situations where an overpressure situation by means a bararium is a solution, for example in a laboratory or clean room.

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